Find All 12 Apple Stores in NJ

Looking for an Apple Store in NJ? Look no further! Many of the large Outlets or Malls in New Jersey feature an Apple Store, so if you want to find the “Apple Store near me“, check the list below. We have created a nice overview of all the stores and the details you need to locate them. Keep in mind that you always need to make an appointment at the Genius Bar first, before you head over the store for technical support or a special workshops with Apple products. If you go there to check out new Apple products like the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch or find great accessories, you can take the trip immediately.

Complete List of New Jersey Apple Stores

New Jersey currently has 12 Apple Stores across the state of NJ, located in various malls. All the stores feature a Genius Bar and offer you workshops on how to use Apple products or software. You can check out the stores website for a list of upcoming events and workshops or give them a call at the given number.

Apple Store NJ at Short Hills Mall
Apple Store NJ at Short Hills Mall

Check out the full list of NJ Apple Stores with more information about the store, phone number, opening hours and official website. Find the best Apple Stores near you!

Atlantic City

Apple Store The Pier (dial (609) 343-4720) is located at The Pier at Caesars, just half a mile from the Atlantic City Outlets.  This store is open:

  • Mon. – Fri. from 10 A.M – 9 P.M
  • Saturday event till 10 P.M.
  • Sunday the store closed an hour earlier at 8 P.M.

Official store website:


The Apple Store at Bridgewater (dial (908) 547-3800) is located inside the Bridgewater Mall, close to Bloomingdale’s on the 2nd level of the mall. This store is open:

  • Mon. – Sat. from 10 A.M – 9 P.M
  • Sundays from 11 A.M – 6 P.M

Official store website:

Cherry Hill

The Cherry Hill Mall also features an Apple Store, located in between Armani Exchange and M-A-C Cosmetics on the main level of the mall. You can contact the store at (856) 792-9480 and they will service you at the following hours:

  • Mon – Sat from    10:00 A.M. – 9:30 P.M.
  • Sundays from 11:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Official store website:


The Menlo Park Mall in Edison has an Apple Store on the upper level, next to Brookstone and Aerie. Best entrance will be number 1 at the upper level parking deck, near Macy’s. You can reach them via (732) 623-7700. Their opening hours are:

  • Mon – Sat 10:00 A.M. – 9:30 P.M.
  • Sundays from 11:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Official store website:


The Apple Store at the Freehold Mall can be found right across the Disney Store at the 1st level. Best entrance would be from Parking 5. You can contact them via (732) 358-8426 and the store opening hours are:

  • Mon – Sat:    10:00A.M. – 9:30P.M.
  • Sun:    11:00A.M. – 7:00P.M.

Official store website:

Lawrence Township

The Lawrence Township Apple Store is located inside the Quaker Bridge Mall NJ at the lower level. Best way to get there is via The Cheesecake Factory entrance, near the big anchor JCPenny. The store is reachable via (609) 606-9030. The store has distinct opening hours during the week, so check carefully:

  • Mon – Thu: 10:00A.M. – 9:00P.M.
  • Friday and Saturday: 10:00A.M. – 9:30P.M.
  • Sundays: 11:00A.M. – 7:00P.M

Official store website:


The Marlton Apple Store is located in ‘The Promenade at Sagemore‘, a small open-air Shopping Mall in the South of NJ. You can find the store right in the center of the mall. They can be contacted via (856) 810-3712 and are open:

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00A.M. – 9:00P.M.
  • Sun: 11:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.

Official store website:


Paramus has an Apple Store located in the Garden State mall. You will find the store at the second level, right across JCPenney. They are reachable via phone at (201) 975-9500 and opening hours are:

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00A.M. – 9:30P.M.
  • On Sundays the mall and Apple Store are closed.

Official store website:


When you live near Rockaway, the closest Apple Store is located in the Rockaway Mall. You can find this store at the lower level of Rockaway, in the direction of the JCPenney anchor store. You can reach the store via phone at (973) 384-9220. The store’s opening hours are:

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00A.M. – 9:30P.M.
  • On Sundays the store open from 11:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.

Official store website:

Short Hills

The most luxurious mall in New Jersey cannot do without an Apple Store, so there definitely is one available at the Short Hills Mall Mall. Finding the store is easy, go from the yellow parking deck at the lower level and find Macy’s. The store’s phone number is: (973) 564-5813. Opening hours are:

  • Mon – Fri: 10:00A.M. – 9:00P.M.
  • Saturdays: 10:00A.M. – 8:00P.M.
  • Sundays: 11:00A.M. – 6:00P.M.

Official store website:


Wayne has an Apple Store, which you can find at the Willowbrook Mall in NJ. You will find the store at the lower level near Macy’s in the so called ‘Zone A’. You can reach this store at (973) 339-2800. Store hours are:

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00A.M. – 9:00P.M.
  • Sundays from 11:00A.M. – 7:00P.M.

Official store website:

Woodcliff Lake NJ

The Apple Store in Woodcliff Lake NJ is located in a small shopping center called ‘Tice’s Corner Marketplace‘. The store is on the right side of the outdoor shopping center and reachable via phone at (201) 474-4180. The Store hours are:

  • Mon – Sat: 10:00A.M. – 8:00P.M.
  • Closed on Sundays.

Official store website:

Map of Apple Stores

See the map below where you can find an NJ Apple Store closest near you.

Apple Outlet

Apple does not have any official outlet stores, but that does not mean you cannot get any Apple products for outlet prices. First off is the Apple Store online clearance page. Here you can find all kinds of new Apple products for discount prices, like Phone’s, iPads or Mac’s. You will need to regularly check the page for updates and be quick to catch a nice bargain. You will also find official online Apple re-sellers that may have an outlet of Apple products, like last year’s iPhones or iPads with attractive discounts.

Another way to get cheaper Apple products is to go “refurbished“. This means an iPhone or iPad that came back to Apple is completely repaired and fully operational with one-year of Apple warranty or even Apple Care. Difference is that these products are not brand new but will still  feel as a brand new product. You can also find these items in an Apple Store near me, so ask your local store for any refurbished items.

Apple Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When you have some more patience, the best way to get a real Apple bargain for new products is to wait for the yearly Apple Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events. The discounts you will then receive at the Apple Stores in New Jersey are bigger and better every year. As soon as November kicks in, online blogs will start hinting about possible deals and discounts, so be sure to keep up and grab your new iPhone or iPad with a nice discount.