Holiday Hours for Outlets in New Jersey

With the Holiday Season rapidly approaching, it is time to present you the opening hours for the outlets in New Jersey. Many outlets and malls will have extended opening hours, special sales events and even midnight shopping during Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Some of them already published the hours, so we will present them to you as well. Here you will find all of the outlets that will stay open longer in a nice overview. Regular opening hours for each mall are listed on the specific outlets’ pages, so navigate to your favorite outlet and find out all the details.

Black Friday at New Jersey Outlets & Malls

During the Black Friday and Thanksgiving Weekend it will be extremely busy at New Jersey outlets and malls. Think about masses of people going shopping, hunting for bargains and wanting to enjoy their day off at the NJ malls. As many outlets and malls will have special sales events and long opening hours, you can expect lots of retailers and designer brands to apply extravagant discounts to their clothes, shoes and other products.

5 Ways to Survive Sales Madness

To survive a day of shopping, here are some quick and easy tips to start your holiday shopping totally relaxed:

  • Make a list of what you want and where you can buy it. has all the major outlets and malls listed, so find your favorite one and make a plan. You will find plenty of information about stores, hours and often also a mall map.
  • Collect all newspaper ads, circulars and special coupons with Black Friday discounts and particular hours of Black Friday sales.
  • Find alternatives for items that might already be sold out during the Holidays. That way you will save time whenever something is no longer available and you will have an excellent substitute at hand.
  • Make sure to eat and drink regularly. As some outlets have midnight shopping events, or extremely long hours, you want to make sure you have plenty of energy to go on as long as you need and find all the Holiday presents on your list.
  • Finally, be an early bird! Most stores open much earlier than usual and go on much longer. Lots of people know this and will do the same, but the majority will still sleep a bit longer since it’s their day off.

Keep an eye on this page while more holiday hours keep coming in and stay updated, so you won’t be late for your 2016 Holiday Shopping!


Jersey Gardens Black Friday

The Jersey Gardens is the largest outlet in New Jersey and is having lots of activity and extended hours during the Holidays. Most notably is the Midnight shopping starting on Thanksgiving and ending the day after on Black Friday. This means 36 hours of non stop shopping…till you drop!

The hours are already known, so please check the exact Jersey Gardens Holiday Hours and much more. Also check out the regular Jersey Gardens hours.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Atlantic City Outlets

Check out all the holiday hours for the Atlantic City Outlets below, or the full page of hours for this NJ Outlet.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Garden State Plaza Mall

The hours for the Garden State Plaza Mall Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend are now official, so check out how long you can shop for holiday gifts.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Flemington Outlets

The Columbus Day Sales are on at the Flemington Outlets. Take advantage of extra long shopping hours and celebrate Columbus day. Also check the full hours of operation.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Jackson Outlets

The Jackson Outlets holiday hours mean serious shopping in New Jersey during the Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend! There will be some midnight shopping, as well as all day long shopping…till you drop! Check out the full schedule below for all the extra opening hours.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Jersey Shore Outlets

Jersey Shore Outlets also celebrate Columbus Day with a sidewalk Sales and live entertainment in Sand Castle Court from Saturday through Monday. During this weekend you can enjoy the extra long shopping hours and promotions. Check the full hours of operation for Jersey Shore.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Livingston Mall

The Livingston mall has a nice range of opening hours for the Holidays, giving you plenty of time to shop for Thanksgiving and Christmas present. Check out the details here.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Menlo Park Mall

The Menlo Park Mall holiday hours are in line with the other Simon Malls in NJ, giving you all the time to shop for all your Holiday presents. All the hours are listed below, from Thanksgiving Eve, to Black Friday midnight shopping and New Year’s Day.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Monmouth Mall Black Friday Hours

The Monmouth Mall Black Friday hours include a night of shopping again. In 2016 you can shop all night during the Thanksgiving Weekend hours at the Monmouth mall in NJ .

Currently no Holiday Hours

Newport Mall

The Newport Mall holiday hours are truly impressive, with Midnight Sales during Thanksgiving, early store openings starting at 07:00 AM (even 06:00 AM at Black Friday!) and long shopping days between all the celebrations. Check out the full list of hours for the Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City, NJ.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Palisades Center Mall

The Palisades Center mall hours for the Holiday Season 2016 kick off with an extensive Thanksgiving Day shopping night and long opening hours during Black Friday. After that there will be many opportunities to shop for Christmas presents, so check out the full schedule below. Note that the hours have not yet officially been confirmed and are derived from the 2015 hours.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Willowbrook Mall

When you visit the Willowbrook Mall, keep in mind that the opening hours differ from day to day, especially during the holiday period. You can find the full schedule below.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Woodbridge Center Mall

The Woodbridge Center Mall holiday hours schedule is quite different from day to day, so carefully check the days you want to shop the mall to see at which time the stores are open.

Currently no Holiday Hours

Note that the listed hours are subject to change and typo’s can occur, so we are not responsible for any damage caused by this. You can always check the official outlet website to verify the hours.